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PNT invites YOU to Get Involved, and there are so many ways!  PNT is building our community, one life at a time, with every student that gets the courage and joy of stepping on stage, singing and dancing and feeling the love and support of the audience of their families and friends.  To make this happen, PNT needs volunteers, technicians, teachers, leaders, and yes … DOLLARS!  

Lane, age 14, PNT programs since 2018

"I love PNT because I get to work with Nick and Steven."


PNT is expanding by hiring new teachers, technicians and directors.  Many PNT alumni come back year after year to work on the shows, putting what they learned to use in guiding and serving the next generation of students.  PNT is excited to hire and train young people with a professional interest in theater production.  If you are looking for that opportunity in the afternoons or for the summer, please reach out to us today!



PNT welcomes corporate sponsors and advertisers from local and national businesses and organizations.  Why should your business sponsor and advertise with PNT?  Because it is a unique and valuable opportunity to build our community and be recognized for your contribution.  


Think of it this way … a young person who chooses to invest their time and energy to learn a part, to dance, to sing … what becomes of that young person?  The answer is that they become a healthier, more skilled, better balanced, confident person.  Hours spent in the theater are hours spent not getting into trouble. Is that not a terrific investment that your company can make in our community? Maybe you’ll even find new employees among the ranks of smart, energetic, self-confident performers!


Think of the PNT audience … it is filled with parents, grandparents, and friends of PNT performers.  They are cheering and laughing and even crying along with the performers and with each other.  They are also your colleagues, your customers, your suppliers.  Is that not the perfect time and venue to put your company name and value proposition in front of them and gain goodwill and new business from your support and association with the theater they love?  This is how relationships within the community translate into lifelong business customers.  



Whether you want to give your time to support your students or want to build your skills for a future in theater, there are SO MANY ways you can volunteer!  For example … 


Every show has a full wardrobe of costumes that need cutting, stitching, pressing and fitting.  Lauren accepts volunteer help with costumes at all levels and will teach all-comers how to help.  


Likewise, every show has a full set and backdrop that needs design, drawing, painting, carpentry, construction and deconstruction.  If you can swing a hammer, wield a brush or use a powertool, Steven would gladly put you to work.  


Further, PNT welcomes administrative and organizational help in the way of board membership, grant proposal writing, event planning and even putting out and stacking chairs.  Please help out today to join us for some fun, make some kids and their families very happy, and take some of the pressure off of the staff.

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