Acting for Pre-Teens

An exciting opportunity for kids to learn the basics of diving in to scene work, reading and performing scenes, and learning about acting concepts and characters.

Acting for Kids

A fun and creative environment where kids can learn the basics of acting including: character creating and basic stage movement.

Advanced Stage Combat

   1.5 hours/week  |  cost: $120.00

A fun, safe, environment where kids can learn more advanced stage combat moves including: basic throws, roles, basic sword play, and basic bow staff technique. Must have previously taken Basic Stage Combat.

Additional Forms

Basic stage combat

A safe fun environment where the children can learn the basics of hand to hand combat for stage. Examples include: punching, kicking, kneeing, slapping, hair-pulling, falling, and choking. No experience required.

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Classes meet on Saturdays at the Good Shephard Lutheran Church in Olympia across from Olympia High School. Each course consists of 8 weeks of classes. Parents may leave children or stay and watch!


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Musical Theater

An entertaining class where children learn about singing for musical theater in groups and solo. They will learn proper singing techniques and songs that they can use for auditions!

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