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The mission of the Pacific Northwest Theater Company is to provide an entertaining and affordable theatrical experience to the Pacific Northwest. We strive to build a relationship with the community by providing enriching and educational programs. In addition, the Pacific Northwest Theater Company offers opportunities for local individuals interested in all other aspects of theater.

PNT could not achieve these lofty goals without our patrons and communities support. PNT relies on tuition , corporations, government funding, special events and individuals donors like YOU who care about PNT and its contribution to our vibrant community in the Puget Sound.

Theater is an art form of collaboration. It takes directors, playwrights, technicians, actors, and individuals like you to keep Pacific Northwest Theater thriving.

The positive impact that arts education has on the success of our next generation is profound. Exposure to live theatre boosts literacy and vocabulary, improves attention span, and stimulates the imagination. Most importantly, when children are exposed to other cultures, situations, and perspectives, tolerance and empathy are increased, a result that benefits everyone.

PNT relies on the generosity of our family of donors to sustain our productions and programs at the highest level of artistic and educational excellence. Every contribution, big or small, makes a difference.

Pacific Northwest Theater 

Theater for the whole family!

There is so much more to running a theater than simply acting. We need ushers, people to help paint sets, put up posters, Set up and tear down sets, clean and organize at our Rehearsal Space, make food for events or for our concession stand, as well as all sorts of technical help to make each of our shows magical. You can also; help us round up sponsors, fundraise, or help us apply for grants, track down useful office equipment or raffle basket donations- the sky’s the limit!

If you are an artist, parent, or local that has a skill set, item, or time you wish to volunteer please feel free to contact us. 

Even with our low cost some families find themselves unable to afford the cost of tuition. Pacific Northwest Theater believes that EVERY child should be able to experience theater and that money should never deter them. 

Donating here goes right into our scholarship fund and support those students in need. Sponsoring a child will allow that one family and child an opportunity they would otherwise not have. Allowing PNT to continue reaching children and families that would otherwise not be able to afford, or experience the wonder of theater.